SponsorShape's mission is to create a secure and enabling digital ecosystem for sports sponsorship in Africa.

Our Offerings

We create the best digital features to make sports sponsorship easier.

Increase Visibility

Increase your visibility by creating a powerful, professional profile.

Access to digital sponsorship

Boost your profile on our online marketplace to attract more potential sponsors.

Sponsorship Planning

Access our digital hub to create customised sponsorship campaigns.

Trust building

Certify your profile to gain the trust of sponsors.

Digital sponsorship

Stop with the paperwork and the mass of emails related to sponsoring. Go digital.

Enormous data set

Find certified athletes for your marketing goals more easily.

Influencer marketing

Reach your target audience through influencer sponsorship


Boost your image through sponsorship and become the leader in your industry.

Secure transactions

Secure payment (escrow model) and No hidden costs.

What image do you want to associate with your brand?

Find the right sports influencers that fit your corporate image!

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Reasons why sports sponsorship is necessary for your company

  • It builds brand awareness.
  • It drives excitement around the brand, its products, and services.
  • It increases product or service sales.
  • It helps to create new market opportunity.
  • It is a best tool for launching a new product.
  • It drive more website visitors.
  • It helps to improve Sell and reach a new, highly appealing target audience.
  • It develops sports and help talents to raise in your community.
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Register as a sponsor

Fill and optimise your brand profile

Choose a sponsorship offer from our market place


We Help You Get Your Next Sponsor.

Finding a sponsor can be a tough job. Now you can focus on the more important tasks. SponsorShape helps you to:

  • Raise awareness about your sport activities
  • digitalise your sponsorship applications
  • Create sponsorship campaigns that are more tailored to the needs of sponsors
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How it works

Sign up as athletes

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We are digitalizing sports sponsorship opportunities to make them more accessible and transparent.